Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Movie You Want To See

A perfect question.

Easy answer.

Taken 2.

I loooove Liam Neeson. I love Taken. I am probably going to love this movie no matter what. There really isn't much else to say.

I am excited - it comes out on Friday.. And I plan to see it sometime during the weekend. Yay!!

What is a movie you want to see?? Or - maybe it is a movie that hasn't been made yet - what would you like to see as a movie??

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Movie That Disappointed You

So, my last post on this blog was in February.. I have been thinking about it a lot lately. And. My thoughts were: I kind of miss it! I really do thoroughly enjoy movies, and I really do enjoy working on my nail blog, so why not also work on my movie blog.. It makes sense to me!

I had left off on this 30 day movie challenge.. I figure I will just continue where I left off, and that will help me get back in to the swing of things over here!!

A movie that disappointed me.. Funny this comes up. The other day I was telling my co-worker that, asides from just random selections from netflix, I actually do quite a bit of research in to movies I will be going to the theatre to see so I don't end up walking in to an absolute suckfest all the time! And, I usually leave a movie being quite pleased with my choice.

Now. This movie didn't necessarily disappoint me to the point that I dislike it. I just expected WAY more out of it.

The movie is... My Soul To Take.

It is a Wes Craven film (which I always love!), and it had an interested idea - something totally different and not a remake.. and, despite hating the whole 3D thing - I really like "horror" movies in 3D. Ever since a jaw flew towards my face in 'My Bloody Valentine 3D'.. so good!

Despite not living up to my, ahem, standards.. I am still guilty of watching it on the movie channels when it pops up. I like Max Thieriot that plays main character 'Bug'. I was worried that we might never really see him in anything in the theatres again (I figured maybe he would get some straight to video work and I could still creep on him!) - BUT! He is in House At The End Of The Street, which I got to view last weekend: loved.

What is a movie that has disappointed you??