Monday, August 30, 2010

The Back-up Plan

I am pretty sure everyone has seen a preview for this movie and could basically tell you about the movie just from that.

A girl wants to have a baby but cannot find 'Mr. Right', so she takes matters into her own hands and gets inseminated.. Only to find that elusive 'Mr. Right' the very same day.

Now, despite how the movie may seem, it was actually quite enjoyable. Some really funny scenes and just a nice (although unbelievable) story.

What upsets me is that I am pretty sure that guys like Alex O'Loughlin's 'Stan' character do not exist. And if they do, I'll take one.


I had seen a few previews for this film and was fairly excited for it because it has three actors that I quite enjoy! Christina Ricci, Liam Neeson and Justin Long - oh! And a bonus point for the adorable boy from 'Repo Men'.

The movie starts out with Ricci and Long, um.. anyways, we see that Ricci (Anna) is really not in to what they are doing. In fact, she is basically like a corpse. We find out that it is their anniversary and they are going to celebrate the evening with a nice dinner. During the dinner, they get into a bit of an argument and Anna takes off.. Only to get in to a car accident and be pronounced dead.. Or is she?

The whole movie is sort of wishy-washy.. One moment you're like 'oh, ok, she really IS dead'.. The next you're like 'oh, so she is alive?'..

I thought the actors all did a pretty good job with the material they were given.. And this definitely isn't the worst film I have ever seen.. Although it is a movie where you never get an answer. Fun ending though!

The Daisy Chain

I nabbed this film a few nights ago as I was looking around for some 'B' horror films (where have they all gone?!) - I was excited about this one because I remember it being mentioned on the IMDB boards (mainly from 'The Children') and was excited! Plus it mentioned something about being comparable 'The Orphan'..

Um, no. The young girl did play her part quite well, but really there wasn't much of a part to play.. A fairy changeling.. Oh.. Cool.. Um.. What?

I was basically bored throughout the whole thing. I was pumped because 'The Children' and 'The Orphan' were pretty great movies in my books and this one claims to be just like them. I would not recommend this to my worst enemy. It was that painful.

The Diary of a Whimpy Kid

This movie is based off of either a comic or graphic novel, not too sure which.. BUT, what I can say about the film is that it was adorable!

It is about the journey of a young boy (Greg) starting middle school and how scary it is! You want to have the right image, the right friends and most importantly, stay out of trouble! While watching this movie, my sister and I reminisced about elementary school quite a bit. About all the silly things we did/we thought.. It was nice that we were able to do that and not miss anything from the movie. All in all, it was just a cute film. Nothing overly remarkable. Although, Steve Zahn as the father = hilarity!

The Other Guys

About a week ago I went to see this bad boy.. Just before I was about to leave to go watch it, I turned to the brother and asked for his honest opinion and all he said was 'it was better than Cop Out'.

He was correct.

I honestly am a bit disappointed in this movie. I figured I would laugh a lot more. There were some pretty chuckle-worthy parts, but half the time I was hoping that the movie was close to being over, and every time I was wrong. It dragged in so many parts. Oh well, at least it made a decent sum of money. Apparently if this film didn't do well, it was going to look badly on Will Ferrell.. Glad it worked out!

Ok, but in all honesty, that part when he says they should call themselves the Febreeze Brothers because they are so fresh was absolutely hilarious!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kick Ass

I know I haven't updated this blog in forever, but I decided that I needed to after watching this gem. I will try and get a mini-photo in here later.

Anyways. I actually thought this movie was supposed to be a family friendly kind of 'I want to be a superhero' movie.

Boy, was I wrong!

This movie is filled with STRONG language (seriously, the 'C' bomb gets dropped), lots of action/fight scenes, blood and even some amputations.

I think that Hit Girl is my favourite character as it is totally unexpected. Seriously, if anything mentioned in the above sentence appeals to you, then see this movie. You will not be pleased, you will also be surprised.

Plus McLovin' is in it.