Friday, April 9, 2010

Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

I had promised myself that I wouldn't watch another Wrong Turn movie.. But we were desperate!! I actually kind of enjoyed this one. I liked that it went back to elements from the first film (which was awesome!!) - like the lookout tower, etc. Whereas the second one was all about nakedness.. This one only had boobage for the first couple of moments.. So it was tolerable! I also was pumped about the fact that it was convicts stuck in the woods.. I figure if those hardened criminals couldn't show those mutants some pain, no one could. Even at the end of the day, when the coast looked clear, they still left it open for a fourth. I am not sure I can hack it anymore (pun not intended.. really!)

The Thaw

My sister and I were looking for movies the other night (April looks like a really expletive month for movie rental releases..) and couldn't find anything that looked really promising, so we turned our attention to solid 'B' horror films. She grabbed this one and said it didn't sound too bad. I saw 'Ghost House' on the side and groaned. They always looks great but end up being just terrible.. I didn't hold my breath on this one. Started it up.. There was a preview for 'The Children'.. Things just got better from there.. The movie was actually pretty decent. Basically, they are researchers in the Canadian Arctic and they discover that an ice cap is melting.. It reveals a mammoth that had been preserved all those years.. But, as the mammoth is thawing, so are some crazy prehistoric parasites.. I don't think this movie will help my arachnophobia/insect related dreams. Still, slightly enjoyable.. Kind of annoyed by the Global Warming propaganda stuff, but still worth a looksie!

Gentlemen Broncos

This movie was sooo strange yet I really enjoyed it! My brother was excited about it because Jemaine Clement was in it (The Flight of the Conchords).. Plus I think Michael Angarano is adorable.. Anyways! It is about a young writer who goes to this writers workshop, which happens to have his favourite author as a guest lecturer AND contest judge. The contest winner gets their story published with 1,000 copies put out to be sold, etc. Anyways, while Benjamin (main character) is there, he meets some really strange characters (like the film maker.. He was so creepy, I 'ughed' every time he showed up on screen..) Benjamin's favourite author, Chevalier, hasn't written anything good in a long time and his publishers are about ready to pull the plug on his career, until he reads Ben's story.. and steals it! The movie is really interesting because it goes into sequences where Ben and Chevalier story is being acted out (by Sam Rockwell!!) Really strange and very enjoyable. It was made the same people that did Napoleon Dynamite (Napoleon is a bit better.. but this is still well done!)


Funnily enough, I think today would be a better day to be watching this film.. As we are currently in the middle of a serious 'winter' storm. Grr. Anyways.. This film is about a US Marshall who is posted in Antarctica.. They are just getting ready to cycle in the next group of people a couple days early because the whiteout storms are coming.. BUT WAIT! They find a body out in the snow pretty far away from any of the camps that are set up.. And he was murdered.. Craziness!! I was watching this with the mother, the sister and the Porter, and when one of the scenes announced it was 55C, we were like 'pfft.. a sweater, maybe some mitts.. a scarf if you have it.. no big deal!' - It got down to like -65C, which I still think is hand-able, but that is just me. The movie was ok.. They frostbitten hand scene was awesome and a terrible thing to imagine.. Also, I found it hilarious in two different 'chase' scenes.. You have to buckle yourself on to the ropes that lead between buildings, otherwise you'll blow away with the crazy wind.. So watching the heroine try to get away from the killer while both of them having to clip on and clip off of these ropes was funny..

Ninja Assassin

My brother was actually the reason why I rented this bad boy, and I'm glad he told me he wanted to see it (I would have rented it on my own, but who knows when.. sometimes you need a little push in the right direction!!) - We talked about how awesome it was going to be, so that intrigued my parents, so they wanted to watch it as well.. And seriously, within the first 6 minutes, I knew it was going to be fantastic. Lots of blood/violence, cool ninja fighting scenes.. A bit of a love story.. Solid stuff!! It is about a "master" that raises young children at his facility to be ninja assassins.. They basically use the shadows to their advantage.. Then an investigator starts looking in to the idea of ninja clans, which leads her to danger.. Luckily one of the ninja assassins went rogue and is there to help her out while seeking out revenge.