Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Virginity Hit

My fav friend and I had some plan changes last night and decided to still hang out - and go see a movie! I looked through all the movie listings in the city and nothing really popped out at me. I asked her if there was anything she really wanted to see - and there wasn't. BUT! She had heard that 'The Virginity Hit' was really funny. Eh, ok, sold.

You know what? It was really funny! I mean, given the title, you can probably figure out it is about someone losing their virginity. It was also another mockumentary style film.. So you got to witness a lot of juvenile hi jinks.

I was actually starting to feel really bad for the main character, Matt. He was really quite nice and just nothing was working out for him.. His friends were pretty hilarious and actually showed that they did care about their buddy near the end.

Also, it wasn't as raunchy as it could have been. I don't mind raunchy at all, but sometimes it goes too far - this one didn't in my opinion.

Going The Distance

Obviously, by reading the title (and seeing previews) we know this film is about a long distance relationship.. And how complicated they can be.

I am actually really glad I went to see this film. I was a but skeptical and was waiting for it to come on DVD before I would watch it.. It is absolutely hilarious!! Before strolling in to the cinema, I scoped out the poster and saw it was rated 14A. I think 14A has changed a bit since I was 14.. (well, 12-13, we were rad and didn't ID'd much!)

The language throughout this film is absolutely filthy. It is 'pervy'. There was a sex scene. Um, I am amazed! Totally unexpected.

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were absolutely adorable together as well. I hope that in their real life relationship they are like that. All I can say is: despite what you may think about the film, it is probably the opposite. I recommend anyone to check this film out! It is worth it!!


5 people get trapped on an elevator and bad things start to happen. Could the Devil be among them?

Ok, M. Night Shalalala has done some pretty questionable work.. *cough*TheHappening*cough*, but my favourite friend and I wanted to go scope out this movie regardless. AND! I am happy that we did. I really did enjoy this movie. Sure, we called it basically from the beginning, but that doesn't matter!

It was also just as long as it needed to be. It was refreshing for a movie to get to its ending credits under the 2 hour mark.. Doesn't happen too much lately. This was a solid 80 minutes..

I even liked it despite its super religious undertones. Well played M. Night!


Wow.. Um, this film was sort of like Kick Ass to me, in that it totally was not what I was expecting! It was CRAZY!

It is about an ex-special ops named MacGruber, who is put back in to action because his old nemesis is back in 'the game'.

Comparing this movie to the SNL skits is just.. wow. There was a ton of swearing, weird sex scenes and some amazing violence.

I was starting to get antsy about him always saying his specialty was ripping out throats, yet it was never happening. SPOILER: it does!!

Despite its goofiness and just being a not-so-great movie, I cannot think back to watching it and not smile. I had a good time watching it!

The Last Exorcism

This movie is about a minister who basically has lost his faith.. He has a documentary film crew following him around, so he decides to put on one last show - an exorcism. Although maybe this last exorcism is the real thing..

I actually really enjoyed this film. I don't think I have seen something involving Eli Roth that I haven't liked. The one thing that did make me not so impressed? The movie preview commercials AND even this promotional poster elude to ceiling crawling. There was none. My heart was broken that night. I love ceiling crawling!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Back-up Plan

I am pretty sure everyone has seen a preview for this movie and could basically tell you about the movie just from that.

A girl wants to have a baby but cannot find 'Mr. Right', so she takes matters into her own hands and gets inseminated.. Only to find that elusive 'Mr. Right' the very same day.

Now, despite how the movie may seem, it was actually quite enjoyable. Some really funny scenes and just a nice (although unbelievable) story.

What upsets me is that I am pretty sure that guys like Alex O'Loughlin's 'Stan' character do not exist. And if they do, I'll take one.


I had seen a few previews for this film and was fairly excited for it because it has three actors that I quite enjoy! Christina Ricci, Liam Neeson and Justin Long - oh! And a bonus point for the adorable boy from 'Repo Men'.

The movie starts out with Ricci and Long, um.. anyways, we see that Ricci (Anna) is really not in to what they are doing. In fact, she is basically like a corpse. We find out that it is their anniversary and they are going to celebrate the evening with a nice dinner. During the dinner, they get into a bit of an argument and Anna takes off.. Only to get in to a car accident and be pronounced dead.. Or is she?

The whole movie is sort of wishy-washy.. One moment you're like 'oh, ok, she really IS dead'.. The next you're like 'oh, so she is alive?'..

I thought the actors all did a pretty good job with the material they were given.. And this definitely isn't the worst film I have ever seen.. Although it is a movie where you never get an answer. Fun ending though!

The Daisy Chain

I nabbed this film a few nights ago as I was looking around for some 'B' horror films (where have they all gone?!) - I was excited about this one because I remember it being mentioned on the IMDB boards (mainly from 'The Children') and was excited! Plus it mentioned something about being comparable 'The Orphan'..

Um, no. The young girl did play her part quite well, but really there wasn't much of a part to play.. A fairy changeling.. Oh.. Cool.. Um.. What?

I was basically bored throughout the whole thing. I was pumped because 'The Children' and 'The Orphan' were pretty great movies in my books and this one claims to be just like them. I would not recommend this to my worst enemy. It was that painful.

The Diary of a Whimpy Kid

This movie is based off of either a comic or graphic novel, not too sure which.. BUT, what I can say about the film is that it was adorable!

It is about the journey of a young boy (Greg) starting middle school and how scary it is! You want to have the right image, the right friends and most importantly, stay out of trouble! While watching this movie, my sister and I reminisced about elementary school quite a bit. About all the silly things we did/we thought.. It was nice that we were able to do that and not miss anything from the movie. All in all, it was just a cute film. Nothing overly remarkable. Although, Steve Zahn as the father = hilarity!

The Other Guys

About a week ago I went to see this bad boy.. Just before I was about to leave to go watch it, I turned to the brother and asked for his honest opinion and all he said was 'it was better than Cop Out'.

He was correct.

I honestly am a bit disappointed in this movie. I figured I would laugh a lot more. There were some pretty chuckle-worthy parts, but half the time I was hoping that the movie was close to being over, and every time I was wrong. It dragged in so many parts. Oh well, at least it made a decent sum of money. Apparently if this film didn't do well, it was going to look badly on Will Ferrell.. Glad it worked out!

Ok, but in all honesty, that part when he says they should call themselves the Febreeze Brothers because they are so fresh was absolutely hilarious!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kick Ass

I know I haven't updated this blog in forever, but I decided that I needed to after watching this gem. I will try and get a mini-photo in here later.

Anyways. I actually thought this movie was supposed to be a family friendly kind of 'I want to be a superhero' movie.

Boy, was I wrong!

This movie is filled with STRONG language (seriously, the 'C' bomb gets dropped), lots of action/fight scenes, blood and even some amputations.

I think that Hit Girl is my favourite character as it is totally unexpected. Seriously, if anything mentioned in the above sentence appeals to you, then see this movie. You will not be pleased, you will also be surprised.

Plus McLovin' is in it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

I had promised myself that I wouldn't watch another Wrong Turn movie.. But we were desperate!! I actually kind of enjoyed this one. I liked that it went back to elements from the first film (which was awesome!!) - like the lookout tower, etc. Whereas the second one was all about nakedness.. This one only had boobage for the first couple of moments.. So it was tolerable! I also was pumped about the fact that it was convicts stuck in the woods.. I figure if those hardened criminals couldn't show those mutants some pain, no one could. Even at the end of the day, when the coast looked clear, they still left it open for a fourth. I am not sure I can hack it anymore (pun not intended.. really!)

The Thaw

My sister and I were looking for movies the other night (April looks like a really expletive month for movie rental releases..) and couldn't find anything that looked really promising, so we turned our attention to solid 'B' horror films. She grabbed this one and said it didn't sound too bad. I saw 'Ghost House' on the side and groaned. They always looks great but end up being just terrible.. I didn't hold my breath on this one. Started it up.. There was a preview for 'The Children'.. Things just got better from there.. The movie was actually pretty decent. Basically, they are researchers in the Canadian Arctic and they discover that an ice cap is melting.. It reveals a mammoth that had been preserved all those years.. But, as the mammoth is thawing, so are some crazy prehistoric parasites.. I don't think this movie will help my arachnophobia/insect related dreams. Still, slightly enjoyable.. Kind of annoyed by the Global Warming propaganda stuff, but still worth a looksie!

Gentlemen Broncos

This movie was sooo strange yet I really enjoyed it! My brother was excited about it because Jemaine Clement was in it (The Flight of the Conchords).. Plus I think Michael Angarano is adorable.. Anyways! It is about a young writer who goes to this writers workshop, which happens to have his favourite author as a guest lecturer AND contest judge. The contest winner gets their story published with 1,000 copies put out to be sold, etc. Anyways, while Benjamin (main character) is there, he meets some really strange characters (like the film maker.. He was so creepy, I 'ughed' every time he showed up on screen..) Benjamin's favourite author, Chevalier, hasn't written anything good in a long time and his publishers are about ready to pull the plug on his career, until he reads Ben's story.. and steals it! The movie is really interesting because it goes into sequences where Ben and Chevalier story is being acted out (by Sam Rockwell!!) Really strange and very enjoyable. It was made the same people that did Napoleon Dynamite (Napoleon is a bit better.. but this is still well done!)


Funnily enough, I think today would be a better day to be watching this film.. As we are currently in the middle of a serious 'winter' storm. Grr. Anyways.. This film is about a US Marshall who is posted in Antarctica.. They are just getting ready to cycle in the next group of people a couple days early because the whiteout storms are coming.. BUT WAIT! They find a body out in the snow pretty far away from any of the camps that are set up.. And he was murdered.. Craziness!! I was watching this with the mother, the sister and the Porter, and when one of the scenes announced it was 55C, we were like 'pfft.. a sweater, maybe some mitts.. a scarf if you have it.. no big deal!' - It got down to like -65C, which I still think is hand-able, but that is just me. The movie was ok.. They frostbitten hand scene was awesome and a terrible thing to imagine.. Also, I found it hilarious in two different 'chase' scenes.. You have to buckle yourself on to the ropes that lead between buildings, otherwise you'll blow away with the crazy wind.. So watching the heroine try to get away from the killer while both of them having to clip on and clip off of these ropes was funny..

Ninja Assassin

My brother was actually the reason why I rented this bad boy, and I'm glad he told me he wanted to see it (I would have rented it on my own, but who knows when.. sometimes you need a little push in the right direction!!) - We talked about how awesome it was going to be, so that intrigued my parents, so they wanted to watch it as well.. And seriously, within the first 6 minutes, I knew it was going to be fantastic. Lots of blood/violence, cool ninja fighting scenes.. A bit of a love story.. Solid stuff!! It is about a "master" that raises young children at his facility to be ninja assassins.. They basically use the shadows to their advantage.. Then an investigator starts looking in to the idea of ninja clans, which leads her to danger.. Luckily one of the ninja assassins went rogue and is there to help her out while seeking out revenge.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Echo

This film is about a man named Bobby who is released from prison back into the real world. Sadly, his mother died while he was in prison, but luckily he gets to keep her apartment, so he has a place to stay.. His next door neighbour is a wife/daughter beating cop.. So Bobby tries to help which basically causes his apartment to be haunted. The movie was pretty terrible.. BUT.. It did have some neat creepy scenes with the daughter.. Think 'The Ring'.. I mean, this movie is just as bad as that one, but at least it is something to compare it with!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Children

That is such a creepy photo. The DVD box photo isn't THAT creepy. I expected a pretty bad B- horror film.. But it was actually kind of awesome. Two families are meeting up and celebrating the New Year together (although somewhere in the film they said 'Thanksgiving'.. haha.. anyways..) Right at the beginning, we see one of the children is ill, probably the flu, no big deal.. Then all of the children kind of start showing flu-like symptoms.. And acting out, acting strangely, etc. But is it really the children? I watched this movie with the mother and the sister, and they both really enjoyed it. What can I say.. Despite their cuteness, children can really be evil.. Or maybe it is the teenagers that are the evil ones.. Who knows? Oh, and a bonus! English accents!!

Saw VI

After watching so many 'tame' films, it was finally time to crack back into my favourite genre: horror. Well, if you call the Saw franchise horror that is.. I basically only wanted to see this because I have seen all the others and I wanted to see how many other ways you could set up traps to kill someone. I think the opening scene was probably the worst gore-wise for the film. There isn't really too much to say.. If you've seen the others and didn't mind them, then you'll probably do ok with this bad boy as well. Although I admit, it is getting a bit tired.. The Saw franchise, that is.

The Blind Side

I think most people know what the film is about.. A wealthy family takes in an abandoned teenager and provides him with opportunities.. What I like is that it says it is a true story and it actually is! So refreshing! (stupid 'The Fourth Kind') I was nervous to see this film because I figured I would be sobbing through alot of it. Now, admittedly, my mother, sister and myself had "misty eyes" many a-times through the film, but I didn't actually full out bawl because it really was a nice and inspiring film. I loved the character that Sandra Bullock portrayed, that woman is obviously incredible (both Sandra and the real Leigh Ann) - I was hoping she would win the academy award, and after seeing this, I now know it was well deserved. See it!!

Did You Hear About The Morgans?

This film is about a separated couple that are the stereotypical super busy New York workers. They are trying to fit in times to see each other, let alone talk, so they are walking to meet with a client of hers that they see killed.. And now that they have been spotted by said killer, they are now possible victims. Enter Witness Relocation. Of course they have to placed together at first until the police can secure separate placement... It was... Ok. Nothing overly special. Throw in some random overly done comedic scene, Hugh Grant's usual dry humor followed by rapid eye blinking.. I can see why it is out on DVD already. It is worth seeing if nothing more than a time killer or just to spend some time with your female family members or friends.

Repo Men

I was super pumped to go see this gem on opening night. I think my best pal, Gordo, and I were pretty much the only girls there that weren't accompanied (re: dragged) to this film by their male SO.. But that is besides the point.. First, I have to say this, I have never really found Jude Law too appealing.. He definitely was in this movie.. I am not sure what it was, but in one scene, I think my jaw might have dropped a few inches. Phew! Ok, anyways.. Lots of gore, some pretty great fighting scenes, and some more gore. It is about a company that supplies organs that have been engineered to people so that they do not have to wait on long waiting lists. The one downside is how expensive it is. If you get behind on payments, you have 90 days to get back on track, otherwise you have to deal with the Repo Men, and it is not pretty. After a bit, I was like 'something doesn't make sense here..' then by the end of the film, it all did make sense. Then, as Gordo and I were heading to her car, she asked 'why did so many people need organs?' and I figured that maybe doctors were in on the take. I mean, they can falsify information, right? Especially when a heart costs over $600,000.. Who wouldn't want to get a cut of that kind of cash? I'm just saying..


I... didn't mind this movie... Yet I didn't think it was overly fantastic either. CGI was pretty good for the most part.. The idea is crazy.. Crazier that so many people seem to be buying it.. I won't get in to that though.. I like John Cusack, so having him in this super long gem was a very nice treat. Seriously, the movie was over 2 and a half hours long. And it felt like it too. I didn't buy the whole door blocking scenario.. I was happy with the world leaders show of compassion though, not very believable, but still, very nice. That is about it.

The Fourth Kind

Um, pretty disappointed in this film. I am not really a fan of alien films in general.. Unless it is a film like this where you know it is going to be an alien flick (unlike 'The Box'.. We just won't go there..) Anyways, I was really getting in to this film, thought it was neat how they would incorporate the real footage and real recordings and such.. Pretty great! Up until the crazy hypnotized 'events'. Even though they showed the "real" footage, it was a bit shaky.. I mean, I get it, if aliens came to Earth and were abducting people, they probably would mess with air waves so things are distorted, but really? I mean.. I could make claims that people I know are being abducted, set up some cameras, film it, they add in distorted sounds and scramble the image. Ugh. Even with all that being said, I was still like 'you know, I think I believe this..' ***SPOILER*** I was still sold up until Dr. Abigail Tyler gets hypnotized.. Then the distorted voice says 'I AM... GOD'. I wanted to shut off the movie. Um, thank you for tossing in that garbage. I'm sorry, but aliens probably wouldn't want anything to do with God.. So the fact that it stats it is God? BULL! I ended up watching the movie 3 times, and after the initial viewing, I would leave the room after that line. That ruined an almost believable movie. I believe she was crazy anyways.. I mean.. Come on.. She thought that her husband wa- actually, I don't want to spoil it any further. Scope it out if you haven't, see what you believe (or don't..)

Dear John

The main reason I had to go see this gem is because Channing 'Chan Crawford' Tatum is in it. My buddy Porter and I finally were able to set a date to go and see it.. And I really did enjoy it except it made me really angry! I don't really want to say why because it will be a serious spoiler and I don't want to spoil this gem!! It isn't anything you would expect though.. I did, but my mind is a bit warped anyways. I like how the story was told through letters, I thought that was cute.. I just don't want to say anything to wreck it - go see it! You'll probably enjoy it!!