Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Virginity Hit

My fav friend and I had some plan changes last night and decided to still hang out - and go see a movie! I looked through all the movie listings in the city and nothing really popped out at me. I asked her if there was anything she really wanted to see - and there wasn't. BUT! She had heard that 'The Virginity Hit' was really funny. Eh, ok, sold.

You know what? It was really funny! I mean, given the title, you can probably figure out it is about someone losing their virginity. It was also another mockumentary style film.. So you got to witness a lot of juvenile hi jinks.

I was actually starting to feel really bad for the main character, Matt. He was really quite nice and just nothing was working out for him.. His friends were pretty hilarious and actually showed that they did care about their buddy near the end.

Also, it wasn't as raunchy as it could have been. I don't mind raunchy at all, but sometimes it goes too far - this one didn't in my opinion.

Going The Distance

Obviously, by reading the title (and seeing previews) we know this film is about a long distance relationship.. And how complicated they can be.

I am actually really glad I went to see this film. I was a but skeptical and was waiting for it to come on DVD before I would watch it.. It is absolutely hilarious!! Before strolling in to the cinema, I scoped out the poster and saw it was rated 14A. I think 14A has changed a bit since I was 14.. (well, 12-13, we were rad and didn't ID'd much!)

The language throughout this film is absolutely filthy. It is 'pervy'. There was a sex scene. Um, I am amazed! Totally unexpected.

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were absolutely adorable together as well. I hope that in their real life relationship they are like that. All I can say is: despite what you may think about the film, it is probably the opposite. I recommend anyone to check this film out! It is worth it!!


5 people get trapped on an elevator and bad things start to happen. Could the Devil be among them?

Ok, M. Night Shalalala has done some pretty questionable work.. *cough*TheHappening*cough*, but my favourite friend and I wanted to go scope out this movie regardless. AND! I am happy that we did. I really did enjoy this movie. Sure, we called it basically from the beginning, but that doesn't matter!

It was also just as long as it needed to be. It was refreshing for a movie to get to its ending credits under the 2 hour mark.. Doesn't happen too much lately. This was a solid 80 minutes..

I even liked it despite its super religious undertones. Well played M. Night!


Wow.. Um, this film was sort of like Kick Ass to me, in that it totally was not what I was expecting! It was CRAZY!

It is about an ex-special ops named MacGruber, who is put back in to action because his old nemesis is back in 'the game'.

Comparing this movie to the SNL skits is just.. wow. There was a ton of swearing, weird sex scenes and some amazing violence.

I was starting to get antsy about him always saying his specialty was ripping out throats, yet it was never happening. SPOILER: it does!!

Despite its goofiness and just being a not-so-great movie, I cannot think back to watching it and not smile. I had a good time watching it!

The Last Exorcism

This movie is about a minister who basically has lost his faith.. He has a documentary film crew following him around, so he decides to put on one last show - an exorcism. Although maybe this last exorcism is the real thing..

I actually really enjoyed this film. I don't think I have seen something involving Eli Roth that I haven't liked. The one thing that did make me not so impressed? The movie preview commercials AND even this promotional poster elude to ceiling crawling. There was none. My heart was broken that night. I love ceiling crawling!!