Friday, February 4, 2011

Anything Film Related

Anything film related hmmm..

Okay.. 3D movies. I am getting really sick and tired of them.

Really all they do is jack up the price of the movie ticket.. And half of the time, the movie isn't really gaining anything from being 3D. I believe it was Scorese that said he thinks ALL movies should be done in 3D. Barf. Really? I would go nuts.

I am patiently waiting for movies to be done in holographic form.. That way the movie is acted out around you.. I think that would be rad.

Apparently, nintendo's new gaming system is 3D - but you do not need the glasses.. See.. If movies could be done like that, I would be in! I think it is the glasses that annoy me the most.. I already wear glasses most of the time, so when I put contact lenses in only to have to wear glasses? Tres annoyed.

Yeah. 3D movies not a fan.. But 3D movies without the glasses.. doable. Bring on holographic films!!

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