Monday, August 30, 2010

The Other Guys

About a week ago I went to see this bad boy.. Just before I was about to leave to go watch it, I turned to the brother and asked for his honest opinion and all he said was 'it was better than Cop Out'.

He was correct.

I honestly am a bit disappointed in this movie. I figured I would laugh a lot more. There were some pretty chuckle-worthy parts, but half the time I was hoping that the movie was close to being over, and every time I was wrong. It dragged in so many parts. Oh well, at least it made a decent sum of money. Apparently if this film didn't do well, it was going to look badly on Will Ferrell.. Glad it worked out!

Ok, but in all honesty, that part when he says they should call themselves the Febreeze Brothers because they are so fresh was absolutely hilarious!!

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