Monday, August 30, 2010


I had seen a few previews for this film and was fairly excited for it because it has three actors that I quite enjoy! Christina Ricci, Liam Neeson and Justin Long - oh! And a bonus point for the adorable boy from 'Repo Men'.

The movie starts out with Ricci and Long, um.. anyways, we see that Ricci (Anna) is really not in to what they are doing. In fact, she is basically like a corpse. We find out that it is their anniversary and they are going to celebrate the evening with a nice dinner. During the dinner, they get into a bit of an argument and Anna takes off.. Only to get in to a car accident and be pronounced dead.. Or is she?

The whole movie is sort of wishy-washy.. One moment you're like 'oh, ok, she really IS dead'.. The next you're like 'oh, so she is alive?'..

I thought the actors all did a pretty good job with the material they were given.. And this definitely isn't the worst film I have ever seen.. Although it is a movie where you never get an answer. Fun ending though!

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