Thursday, September 30, 2010

Going The Distance

Obviously, by reading the title (and seeing previews) we know this film is about a long distance relationship.. And how complicated they can be.

I am actually really glad I went to see this film. I was a but skeptical and was waiting for it to come on DVD before I would watch it.. It is absolutely hilarious!! Before strolling in to the cinema, I scoped out the poster and saw it was rated 14A. I think 14A has changed a bit since I was 14.. (well, 12-13, we were rad and didn't ID'd much!)

The language throughout this film is absolutely filthy. It is 'pervy'. There was a sex scene. Um, I am amazed! Totally unexpected.

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were absolutely adorable together as well. I hope that in their real life relationship they are like that. All I can say is: despite what you may think about the film, it is probably the opposite. I recommend anyone to check this film out! It is worth it!!

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