Friday, March 26, 2010

The Fourth Kind

Um, pretty disappointed in this film. I am not really a fan of alien films in general.. Unless it is a film like this where you know it is going to be an alien flick (unlike 'The Box'.. We just won't go there..) Anyways, I was really getting in to this film, thought it was neat how they would incorporate the real footage and real recordings and such.. Pretty great! Up until the crazy hypnotized 'events'. Even though they showed the "real" footage, it was a bit shaky.. I mean, I get it, if aliens came to Earth and were abducting people, they probably would mess with air waves so things are distorted, but really? I mean.. I could make claims that people I know are being abducted, set up some cameras, film it, they add in distorted sounds and scramble the image. Ugh. Even with all that being said, I was still like 'you know, I think I believe this..' ***SPOILER*** I was still sold up until Dr. Abigail Tyler gets hypnotized.. Then the distorted voice says 'I AM... GOD'. I wanted to shut off the movie. Um, thank you for tossing in that garbage. I'm sorry, but aliens probably wouldn't want anything to do with God.. So the fact that it stats it is God? BULL! I ended up watching the movie 3 times, and after the initial viewing, I would leave the room after that line. That ruined an almost believable movie. I believe she was crazy anyways.. I mean.. Come on.. She thought that her husband wa- actually, I don't want to spoil it any further. Scope it out if you haven't, see what you believe (or don't..)

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