Friday, March 26, 2010

Repo Men

I was super pumped to go see this gem on opening night. I think my best pal, Gordo, and I were pretty much the only girls there that weren't accompanied (re: dragged) to this film by their male SO.. But that is besides the point.. First, I have to say this, I have never really found Jude Law too appealing.. He definitely was in this movie.. I am not sure what it was, but in one scene, I think my jaw might have dropped a few inches. Phew! Ok, anyways.. Lots of gore, some pretty great fighting scenes, and some more gore. It is about a company that supplies organs that have been engineered to people so that they do not have to wait on long waiting lists. The one downside is how expensive it is. If you get behind on payments, you have 90 days to get back on track, otherwise you have to deal with the Repo Men, and it is not pretty. After a bit, I was like 'something doesn't make sense here..' then by the end of the film, it all did make sense. Then, as Gordo and I were heading to her car, she asked 'why did so many people need organs?' and I figured that maybe doctors were in on the take. I mean, they can falsify information, right? Especially when a heart costs over $600,000.. Who wouldn't want to get a cut of that kind of cash? I'm just saying..

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