Friday, April 9, 2010


Funnily enough, I think today would be a better day to be watching this film.. As we are currently in the middle of a serious 'winter' storm. Grr. Anyways.. This film is about a US Marshall who is posted in Antarctica.. They are just getting ready to cycle in the next group of people a couple days early because the whiteout storms are coming.. BUT WAIT! They find a body out in the snow pretty far away from any of the camps that are set up.. And he was murdered.. Craziness!! I was watching this with the mother, the sister and the Porter, and when one of the scenes announced it was 55C, we were like 'pfft.. a sweater, maybe some mitts.. a scarf if you have it.. no big deal!' - It got down to like -65C, which I still think is hand-able, but that is just me. The movie was ok.. They frostbitten hand scene was awesome and a terrible thing to imagine.. Also, I found it hilarious in two different 'chase' scenes.. You have to buckle yourself on to the ropes that lead between buildings, otherwise you'll blow away with the crazy wind.. So watching the heroine try to get away from the killer while both of them having to clip on and clip off of these ropes was funny..

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