Friday, April 9, 2010

The Thaw

My sister and I were looking for movies the other night (April looks like a really expletive month for movie rental releases..) and couldn't find anything that looked really promising, so we turned our attention to solid 'B' horror films. She grabbed this one and said it didn't sound too bad. I saw 'Ghost House' on the side and groaned. They always looks great but end up being just terrible.. I didn't hold my breath on this one. Started it up.. There was a preview for 'The Children'.. Things just got better from there.. The movie was actually pretty decent. Basically, they are researchers in the Canadian Arctic and they discover that an ice cap is melting.. It reveals a mammoth that had been preserved all those years.. But, as the mammoth is thawing, so are some crazy prehistoric parasites.. I don't think this movie will help my arachnophobia/insect related dreams. Still, slightly enjoyable.. Kind of annoyed by the Global Warming propaganda stuff, but still worth a looksie!

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