Friday, April 9, 2010

Gentlemen Broncos

This movie was sooo strange yet I really enjoyed it! My brother was excited about it because Jemaine Clement was in it (The Flight of the Conchords).. Plus I think Michael Angarano is adorable.. Anyways! It is about a young writer who goes to this writers workshop, which happens to have his favourite author as a guest lecturer AND contest judge. The contest winner gets their story published with 1,000 copies put out to be sold, etc. Anyways, while Benjamin (main character) is there, he meets some really strange characters (like the film maker.. He was so creepy, I 'ughed' every time he showed up on screen..) Benjamin's favourite author, Chevalier, hasn't written anything good in a long time and his publishers are about ready to pull the plug on his career, until he reads Ben's story.. and steals it! The movie is really interesting because it goes into sequences where Ben and Chevalier story is being acted out (by Sam Rockwell!!) Really strange and very enjoyable. It was made the same people that did Napoleon Dynamite (Napoleon is a bit better.. but this is still well done!)

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