Monday, October 8, 2012

A Documentary

I wasn't sure if I should go with the last documentary I watched, or my favourite..

I will start off saying the last documentary I watched was Modify - it was obviously about body modification and talking to individuals who have body modifications or who work on them.. It was actually quite good. I still feel that a lot of people look at them as if they are "freaks", and I think quite the opposite. I mean, I think it is awesome, but it doesn't mean I was going to start suspending myself from hooks - but that doesn't mean I think they are a terrible person for doing so. Very interesting.

Now. My favourite. I am going to go with Bowling For Columbine. The reason is: I have actually watched it 3-5 times.. and usually, for a documentary, I am only going to ever watch it once. I feel like it should have been an eye opener for gun issues, and yet mass shootings keep happening. It was also interesting to see both spectrums - those opposed to guns, and gun enthusiasts.

What is the last documentary you watched? Or your favourite??

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