Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Film From The Year You Were Born

The year was 1986.. and, after doing a bit of research, quite a few films popped up.

Top Gun
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Stand By Me
The Great Mouse Detective

I was going to talk about The Great Mouse Detective, as it is the film I was most familiar with, but I do believe I have used that gem before.. so.. I decided to use Pretty In Pink.

Molly Ringwald plays Andie, who is a girl that doesn't fit in with the popular kids because she isn't rich.. etc, her best friend, Duckie, is in love with her, yet she thinks it is all a joke as he usually plays it off as one.

Then rich, popular Blaine comes in to the picture.. and it is fairly predictable after that.

Though it is really endearing and a lovely film. I have a soft spot for John Hughes films.. so there! I think most people do.

While I was reading up on the film (just because that is what I do), it says that at the prom, a girl lures Duckie over.. The girl is Kristy Swanson aka Buffy (from the movie).. I am going to need to watch Pretty In PInk again soon. I love Buffy! The movie.. not the TV show, I never got in to that one.. anyways..

What is a film from the year you were born??

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