Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Movie You Used To Love, But Don't Anymore

Does such a thing exist? For me (for the most part), I either quite like a movie off the bat, or I don't like it. Sometimes it goes the other way where I watch a movie and I'm like "meh", but upon second (third, fourth, fifith) viewings, I really like it! (The Hangover & Bridesmaids are examples).. but the opposite.. hmmmm..

I am digging pretty deep here.. but I'm going to say Remote.

My siblings and I used to LOVE that movie.. thought it was hysterically funny and we still quote lines and bits from it - but I remember a friend saying "well, I want to see this movie!" (this was probably 8+ years ago now) - we got a hold of the movie, and watched it.. and it was pretty awful.

Though, we were doing a part from the movie the other day and my siblings said that they wanted to see it again.. Might have to try and get a hold of it one more time and see how we feel about it.

There aren't many movies (for me) that cross the line from "I love it!" to "ew, no!" for me.

What is a movie you used to love, but don't anymore? Why?

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