Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Movie That Made You Cry

Too bad this has to go by movie (kidding - a wealth of movies make me cry) - if I could cheat and go with a TV show, I would say The Killing.

I bawled so hard at the end of the first episode.. Yet it didn't make me feel like "omg, I am never going to watch this awful show for making me sob like a child!" I was like "holy hell! I NEED TO WATCH THIS SHOW!"

I find when a movie, tv show, commercial (it has happened to me.. and my dad.. so shush!), book, etc, can evoke that strong of an emotion out of a person - it is worth your time.

Ok.. BUT! This is a movie challenge.. movie.. all right..

I am going to go with a more recently released movie..

The Hunger Games.

Ok. I know.. I will explain it.. But, I made my parents watch it the week it was released on video.. and I still cried. It is the most recently watched movie that made me cry. Which is why I am going with it.

SPOILER ALERT - if you haven't seen the movie, and you want to - then don't read this part..

When I was reading the books.. I really loved Rue. When she was killed. I cried. When she was killed on the big screen, I cried. There is something about her sweet youthful innocence and it being taken away that just broke my heart. And it is hard for me to watch.. When I really like a character, and they get hurt, or ultimately killed, my heart kind of breaks. It is okay though.. there is justice in it all.

What is a movie that makes/made you cry? - if you cried on first viewing, do you still cry when viewing it again?

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